Victoria Spencer




Finding DENVER

Ina Andersen finally has the life she's fought so hard to win: The Rogue Roast in Denver has her name on the deed, she bought Real Adult Curtains for her new apartment, and built a veritable Fort Knox around her heart. But then Ina's one weakness saunters into the cafe, as gorgeous as the day she put the first crack in Ina's Scotch-taped heart ten years ago.

Dani Jones might have spent her youth breaking hearts, but her only concern now is her precious four-year-old son, Kennin. When her purple neon breaks down on their way to the coast, Dani Jones thinks she left her good-luck at the Colorado border. Then she steps into a tiny cafe to use the phone and sees the one person she wished had never gotten away. Dani's exhausted and ready to give up, but finding Denver might just have been her best luck of all.

Can they put a decade of battered hearts behind them, or will Dani's dreaming and Ina's stubbornness prove too much?​

Wind in Her Sails (A Polyamorous Pirate Novel)

Mercedes Chavez has everything a Spanish merchant's daughter is supposed to want -- a house to herself, a certain future,  and a young comandante for a husband. Except all Mercedes wants is the ocean wind in her hair and a compass to guide her. When her husband, Severo, is called away hours after they exchange vows, Mercedes takes to the sea. Fate has other plans for her, however. The crew is captured by pirates and she must choose between jumping overboard or mutinying and captaining the vessel herself.

Maybe a pirate ship -- and its young first mate, Isam -- is exactly what she needed. Isam might be the perfect combination of carefree passion and tanned muscle, but a love affair with one of her own sailors might just undermine her tentative position as captain. Just as she's ready to surrender to her desire, fate strikes again: the first naval vessel they attack happens to be captained by the very husband she tried to leave behind.

How can she choose between wind in her sails and a port to call home?


Victoria Spencer lives in a Tiny House with her not-so-tiny dog, Rory. She works as an archaeologist throughout New England. She also writes fantasy and science fiction under V. S. Holmes.

Her current project is the first Polyamorous Pirates novel, Wind in her Sails.

Hard to Starboard (A Polyamorous Pirate Novel)

Kha has known better than to rely on anyone, but himself, since he left Egypt as a boy. People only bring complications and, worse, betrayal. Now he's captain of the argosy Orsola and one of the most ruthless men on the ocean. He shares his thoughts only with is his playful Scottish Master Gunner, Megan.

And then he meets Edvin, a seven-foot tall Swedish trader and Megan's lover. The only man whose reputation rival's Kha's, Edvin's cutting wit and solid muscle make the captain question every promise he's ever made to himself. After so many years acting heartless, Kha had forgotten he had one until Edvin made it race.

Megan is the closest he's ever come to family, but are best friends really supposed to share everything?