Beamed Up

Lin Nalawangsa wakes from cyrosleep orbiting Earth. Her brother has a mission for her--go to Earth and keep tabs on their organization's newest investment--an archaeological site that proves the existence not only of extraterrestrials, but their human students abducted from South America 13,000 years ago. And those students include Lin and thousands of others scattered among the stars.

What sounds like glorified babysitting turns out to be a web of conspiracies, violence, and complex cultural heritage. Lin must choose between her brother's order not to get involved and the lives of the archaeologists she has put in danger.

"Disciples" is set in the Nel Bently Universe and takes place simultaneously with Travelers. Coming soon in Beamed Up, a sci-fi anthology from Amphibian Press.

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Love and Bubbles

As a river spirit, Iguazú has weathered eons of change. She watched the rise of life on earth, the fall of the dinosaurs, and the flourish of the Amazon jungle she calls home. Best of all she fell in love with Bia, a catfish goddess. Every dry season Bia escorts her people to the ocean, and the pair part with the promise of reunion when the weather changes.

But in all her millennia, Iguazú has never seen weather like this. Global warming wreaks havoc on their home--animals grow scarce, trees die, and worst of all, the rains that bring her lover home come later every year. How can Iguazú remain hopeful when she may never see Bia again?

This f/f romance is coming soon in Love and Bubbles, an underwater-themed romance anthology.


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Out of the Darkness

Nubon spent most of her twelve years studying how to lead her kingdom. But before she can try her hand at leadership, she must survive the trial to prove she's worthy. Dumped out to sea with nothing but her name and the clothes on her back, she is forced to find her way back to the floating city.

And between Nubon and the title of warlord lie leviathans, frigid water, and seven other potential heirs willing to kill for the crown.

"The Tempest" takes place in the world of Reforged, 200 years before the events of Smoke and Rain. Originally published in Out of the Darkness, a dark fantasy anthology from Amphibian Press.



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"Familiar Waters"


Vitality 01/2016


When journalist Andromeda (Andy) Gull is caught in an explosion, she loses more than just her leg. Now a biomech--someone with mechanical prosthetics--she is shunned from "real" human society. Her job, her apartment, and everything she worked for is ripped from her hands.

And then she meets Jem, the non-binary pilot of the spaceship Starfall. Jem is a biomech too, but only on the inside. Together they decide to prove being human is more than just the sum--and material--of your parts.

"Starfall" is set in the Nel Bently Universe and takes place fifty years after the events of the final book, Emissaries. Originally published in the January 2016 issue of Vitality, an LGBT magazine